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Roylco was founded in 1969 by John Nosalik. He saw an opportunity to help Waterloo Region become the innovation center it is today, serving companies throughout the region. Building strong foundations with traditional manufacturing techniques, and expanding to work with the newest technology allows Roylco to be competitive in many industries. John is still working from 6am-4pm every day, putting his passion and energy into his company, even at older than 80.

One of John's earliest customers, Sonoco, is still one of Roylco's customers today. Sonoco started off by hesitantly offering a one year trial run of a few thousand parts. As the year went on, more orders were placed until a point where Roylco was shipping out so many parts that Sonoco had a hard time keeping track of everything that was being delivered from Roylco.John went above and beyond normal service and started to customize the color of the lables to help Sonoco out. 50 years, and millions of parts later, John's still supplying Sonoco with the same extraordinary service. 

Alongside their industrial clients, Royclo develops their own line of educational toys which can be found at These toys aim to help children learn in a fun way, focusing on art and hands on experience.


Originally Roylco had a single building in North Waterloo. They now have a manufacturing facility in the USA and distrubition centers around Europe.


Royclo strives to innovate in all areas of of manufacturing. Reducing costs, reducing lead times, improving quality, and providing the best service possible.

Innovation through manufacturing doesn't stop at quality and price. Roylco innovates through eco-friendly material selection like using recycled and recylable material, and holding themself accountable for their water and electricity usage.


A testiment from the Vice President and General Manager of Mitsubishi, Hiroyuki Matsuo

A goodbye from the VP of Mitsubishi

Our die makers are part of the International Assosiation of Diecutting and Diemaking. This Assosiation holds die makers to the highest level and represents precision and craftmanship.

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