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Innovation Through Manufacturing

Roylco Industrial

Leading innovation through quality, precision and problem solving.

We proudly serve many industries, including:

Making parts such as:

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roylco interior
A small part of our factory filled with machines
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square die cutting foam
Steel-rule dies made in house within days
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die cutting
Die cut parts can be made from many different materials
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cnc milling
CNC milling allows for heavy duty parts to be made
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assembly at roylco
Custom assembly is just another day at Roylco

At Roylco we strive to deliver the best products and experiences posssible

We push for fast, efficient, and cost effective manufacturing that allows our customers to have competitive pricing and hassle free experiences. We welcome anyone to come visit our facilities and see the possiblilites that Roylco offers.

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Serving North America since 1969

Most of our orders arrive in your hands within 1-2 weeks. That means you can keep production rolling. We don't have 4 month lead times, or 3 week shipping. You can come pick up your order in person, free of charge, saving you time and money. Starting with the production of a high tech CRT television part in the late 1970s, Roylco has been serving the tech hub of Canada ever since.